MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS STOP PRESS 12 June 2018 !!! New automated membership joining and payment system coming shortly … This will enable you to renew your annual subscription securely by credit or debit card and update your personal details, contact and privacy preferences online.

Historically, the AOHNP membership database and our subscription payment system have not been linked or automated. As a result, manual administration input has been needed to match up payments and input new member details. This has sometimes resulted in difficulties with access to the members-only pages of the website and delays to member access of the full range of membership benefits on the website.

The AOHNP Board are pleased to confirm that a new membership database and membership management system is undergoing final testing over the week of 11 June 2018. Once live, this will enable members to renew online and pay membership subscriptions securely via debit or credit card and receive immediate access to all member benefits. We expect that the new system will go live during the coming weeks.

All members who are due for renewal will be contacted by email with a link to the new website. This will enable you to log in, update your personal details and privacy information and access all membership content immediately online. In the meantime, unfortunately it is not possible for members to pay for renewals online.

With the introduction of the new database the AOHNP will no longer be able to accept membership payments by direct debit, standing order or direct transfer into the AOHNP bank account. We will be writing to all members who currently pay by bank payment over the coming weeks to advise the next steps for migrating to online card payments. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The AOHNP Board would like to extend our thanks to our professional technology Activist, Lester Sanders, who has built the new database and is managing the migration. Lester has kindly donated both his time and services on an entirely voluntary basis.

This payment information page is for membership renewals only; for new memberships please go to the Join Us page