Members have access to our networking directory for:

Networking with colleagues either by shared interest or by region
Peer support


Smarter Networking’s Heather White was the keynote speaker at our Ruth Alston Memorial Lecture 2017.
The evening was a great success and Heather has kindly shared these resources with the AOHNP membership:

‘A number of your members came up to me to talk about networking and I thought this little free tool could be useful for them to play with. It’s all done online and I get to see what they create. It’s a tool on how to build your 60 second pitch and what I am trying to do is help people how to get to the nub of their intro. Have a look and see what you think:’

‘I’ve created this so that if you are self-employed its different to those who are employed so everyone should have a process that is right for them.’

To support members, Heather has created a Vlog page where you can pick quick tips about networking and will be adding to these over the months and years ahead.

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This PDF has links to video clips to watch on various websites and YouTube:  Video tips on how to work a room

The free resource diagram below lends itself very well to Occupational Health Nursing, due to our role as health educators – with thanks to teacherconnect: