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A very common theme to come out of the recent Florence Nightingale Foundation Conference was the importance of strong and visible clinical leadership.  No doubt you will be aware of how FoNS supports projects which make a real difference to the care patients receive.  But you may be less familiar with the impact that these projects have on the nurses, midwives and other clinical professionals who lead them. 

To read this news item in full and to look at previous news items from FoNS, click on the link: http://www.fons.org/common-room/news.aspx

There is a scholarship available from FONS - Richard Tompkins Nurse Development Scholarship 2013 - download the application form here - closing date 28 March 2013.
March 2013

Date: 19th November 2013
The Hallam Conference Centre, London

Healthcare Conferences UK are pleased to announce Nurse Clinics 2013 for nurses working at advanced practice and running their own clinics and services. Previous events have attracted between 200-400 delegates and have been very well evaluated.

Healthcare Conferences UK is calling for abstracts.  The closing date is 15th February 2013.

To read this news item in full and to look at previous news items from FoNS, click on the link: http://www.fons.org/common-room/news.aspxJanuary 2013

Welcome to the HSE Stress eBulletin
In this issue we introduce a new tool for managers to assess how their management style impacts on their staff and how, if they need to, they can improve. We also give you news of a new DH Project to support those with mental health needs. There is also an introduction to the ACOP review currently taking place in the wider HSE, which we would encourage you to comment on if you have an interest in any of the topics covered.
July 2012

Useful Reading (suggested by Sarah O'Hara)
Listed below are some interesting articles:

a)  Mental Health Absence
Workers with previous sickness absence with common mental health disorder (CMHD) are at increased risk of recurrent CMHD sickness absence.
Environmental Health 2010;onlinefirst:doi:1007/s00420-010-0540-4

b) Overtime Raises CHD Risk
3-4 hours of overtime per day results in 1.56 increased risk of CDH
European Heart Journal 2010:onlinefirst:doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehq124

c) Healthy Lifestyles Reduces Mortality
Modest but sustained improvement in diet and lifestyle could have significant public health benefits
Archives of Internal Medicine 2010;170(8) 711-718

d) Evidence Based Guidelines for Occupational Aspects of CFS (Chronic Fatigue) commissioned by NICEThe guidelines can be downloaded by clicking the link above.