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Membership and Insurance
AOHNP membership £66 pa (£33 pa for students and £55 pa for associates)
Benefits - Regional and national support and advice, specialist advisory network, dissemination of information via the website, newsletter and online networks, professional develop events and other resources and representation on various bodies.

Insurance premiums are based on risk and previous claim history and different insurance provider apply them in different ways. They may set premiums for whole sectors of people i.e. health or for groups within the sector i.e. occupational health. Some may only provide some services for employed practitioners and some may also cover employing practitioners, with an increase in premium due to additional potential liability. For more information about Insurance I suggest you check out the COHPA website. http://www.cohpa.co.uk/join-us/insurance

Therefore the AOHNP provide our members with a number of insurance provider options, so that you can get what you need at a price you are happy with.

Option 1. Unite the Union.  Unite is a trade union that provides support on employment terms and conditions and professional liability insurance for members for their employed work (Not those of any employed staff), as well as other membership benefits. Membership is £11.48 per month (full time) £137.75 per annum and £5.72 per month (part time).

Option 2.  Brett & Randall. Brett and Randall specialise in providing bespoke insurance for OH nurses in employed work or as an independent practitioner. They provide a bespoke offering which can include medical malpractice, public liability, employers liability and professional indemnity. To request a quotation please contact Joanne Salt on 0116 281 9127 or log onto the website http://www.brettandrandall.co.uk/corporate/b-and-r-medipro

Option 3. Royal College of Nursing. RCN is a trade union and professional body for nurses and provides support for employment relations and professional indemnity insurance, as well as a number of other membership benefits. Membership is £16.24 per month (full time nurse) £194.93 per annum.

NMC update
Fee increase
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the regulator for the UK’s 670,000 nurses and midwives, is consulting on a proposal to increase its registration fee from £76 to £120.

The 12 week public is now open and seeks views on the increase and whether or not, in principle, future fees should be linked to inflation.

The NMC is independent of government and is substantially funded by registration fees. The current fee (£76) generates a total annual income of around £53 million. The fee has remained unchanged since 2007 and in order to meet predicted expenditure the fees now need to increase to £120 per year.

The fee increase consultation is open until 24th August  http://www.nmc-uk.org/Get-involved/Consultations/NMC-fee-increase/ 

Regards, Christina Butterworth
July 2012

The AOHNP (UK) is adopting an electronic version of its bi-monthly publication OH Today. This will mean that the publication will become more interactive, by linking readers to other information on the worldwide web, accessible and contribute to environmentally friendly practices. Hard copies will still be available to those who do not have email access.
August 2011