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NMC Revalidation Briefing 
(update prepared by AOHNP (UK) 22 February 2015)
What is revalidation?

Revalidation will replace the post-registration education and practice (Prep) standards from 31 December 2015. It aims to improve upon the Prep system by setting new requirements for nurses and midwives. It will replace the existing three-year renewal cycle and the notification of practice. All nurses and midwives will need to comply, and those who do not comply will no longer be registered. Unless selected for audit, a nurse or midwife will not need to submit their collected revalidation.  

There is a 39 page “How to revalidate with the NMC” publication available on the website, along with templates that can be used to form a structure for the portfolio.  
Under revalidation, nurses and midwives will be required to declare they have, over the previous 3 years:  
1.       Met the requirements for practice hours and continuing professional development (CPD) and provide evidence. This is 450 hours or approximately 65 seven hours days for a RN. There is no additional requirement for SCPHN qualification.
2.       Reflected on their practice, based on the requirements of the Code, using 5 pieces of feedback from service users, patients, relatives, colleagues and others. These reflections will need to be discussed with another NMC registrant, and this can be done at the confirmation discussion if your confirmer is an NMC registrant. 3.       Collected evidence of 40 hours of CPD of which 20 hours should be “participatory” This means”any learning activity in which you personally interacted with other people.” It can in the same environment, such as study days and conferences or an online group.
4.       Received confirmation of the contents from a third party. Ideally this is another NMC Registrant within the same scope of practice, but can be another healthcare professional or manager such as HR or Safety Officer. There is a 19 page "Information for confirmers" publication available from the NMC website. This confirmation conversation should be face to face in an appropriate environment, but might be by video conference, if the portfolio (paper or electronic) can be provided to the confirmer.
5.       At the time of the revalidation there will be a health and a character declaration. The registrant must declare if they have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution in the three years prior to the renewal of registration. There is no need to keep anything in the portfolio as part of this requirement.
6.       Professional Indemnity Arrangements-the registrant must declare that they have or will have when practicing, appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement. If indemnity arrangement is provided by membership with a professional body or private insurance arrangement, they will be asked to provide the name of the professional body or provider. It is strongly recommended that evidence of the arrangement is retained in the portfolio.  

The AOHNP (UK) revalidation pilot
The AOHNP (UK) is one the of organisations piloting the revalidation process to ensure that it is fit for purpose and to advise the NMC on any problems encountered. As the stages of the pilot progress we will be devising guidance and modifying the NMC templates so that they are suitable for those practicing in the OH speciality.  

At present there are 51 OH nurses who have requested to participate of whom 20 have registered with the NMC to be part of the pilot (22.2.15).  These people will trial the new revalidation process and will also submit their annual declaration and revalidate/renew as appropriate. Those who are due to revalidate during the pilot period will take part in formal research focus groups. Those who are not revalidating in this period will still be asked for feedback but will only be doing a “dress rehearsal” for revalidation, and much of the information they collect in the pilot portfolio will be able to be used when their revalidation date comes up.