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Health & Wellbeing at Work 2015
Tuesday, 3 & Wednesday, 4 March 2015
Hall 8, NEC, Birmingham

Registration is now open and a programme can be downloaded here.


Health & Wellbeing at Work Exhibition 2014
The Association stand at the 2 day conference was as busy as ever. It was lovely to meet old and new members and touch base with associated professions who we work with in the workplace and to promote OH. We signed up over 40 members and Ivan Ong has been picked at random to receive a copy of Contemporary Occupational Health Nursing.

The main topics that are of relevance to us that seemed to come out of the conference (in the opinion of Sarah Mogford) were as follows:

1) The NMC consultation regards revalidation. We gather that the response to the consultation so far is quite low. It is really important to respond to the consultation - the implication of the new revalidation proposals are significant. Feedback from e.g. one disgruntled HR ‘client’ could have significant impact on an individual’s future in the profession. If you haven’t already gone to the website and had your say, I would strongly urge you to take 10 minutes, get a cup of tea and do it. www.nmc-uk.org/revalidation

2) The ‘single voice’ project. This is the proposal that OH moves forward under one banner, with a number of ‘colleges’ representing the current different professionals that work within the workplace. The idea is that working as a single unit, with a college established by royal charter, it could have far more impact that the current (despite best efforts) disparate voices. I am aware from speaking to some of you that there are concerns that the OHA voice could be lost and loose it’s independence within an organisation. Some are also concerned that this will essentially be a ‘doctor led’ initiative. I met with Hilary Todd from the SOM who has been working to bring this huge project into being, and put these points to her. She is emphatic that the college structure will ensure that all strands will have an equal voice, be that voice of an ergonomist, a occupational physic, an OHA or an OHP. Although this initiative has been under the ‘umbrella’ of SOM, it has been brought forward with stakeholders from all backgrounds, indeed our own Christina Butterworth has been key in the discussions. Hilary is very keen to reassure anyone still concerned that this will not drown out the OH voice, in fact it will do the opposite as the structure will give it far more authority. If you need more information about the proposals.