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This page will include links to items that have been password protected and do not have a specific area allocated for them.  However password protected links will also be found elsewhere on this site.  The password will be changed on 1 January every year and will be advised to all members when they join the Association or at the commencement of each year.

If a member loses the password they can contact the Association Administrator for a reminder.

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NMC Revalidation

21 day guide to creating your revalidation portfolio, created by Diane Romano-Woodward. (Password protected)

The AOHNP offer scholarships - or to put it simply offer to pay towards - members attending events which contribute to their professional updating and continuing professional development.  The aim of the scholarship is to assist members in maintaining/improving their professional development irrespective of their existing qualifications.  This can be by a contributing towards the cost of their studies/research projects, attendance at study days etc. In return for the scholarship the member would be expected to either speak at one of our events or prepare a short article for this magazine.

Although these scholarships have been on offer for some years to all members few people actually apply for them even though the Board sets aside a substantial amount of money each year. 

The AOHNP Board has agreed that in future: 
Only activities (events, conferences, study days, projects etc.) which cost a minimum of £100 would be considered for a scholarship;
The aim of the activity should be clearly defined in the publicity material;
The content of the activity is evidence based and is innovative;
The speakers/presenters demonstrate that they are appropriately qualified and experienced;
The activity clearly contributes to practice development as opposed to practice requirements (e.g. the purpose of the scholarships are not to enable people to attend courses such as spirometry or audiometry training). 

The Association offers up to £100 as a scholarship and in these days of financial constraints it is worth considering next time you want to attend a conference or study day. So please do download an application form from the website and get applying. You never know you may be lucky, what have you got to lose? We all look forward to hearing how you got on. You can see other people’s experiences in previous issues of OH Today.

ALCHEMY FOR MANAGERS is free for AOHNP (UK) members 

ALCHEMY FOR MANAGERS is free for AOHNP (UK) members 

Dear Member

Here is a way for you, as someone who is dealing with managers every day, to be more effective, more efficient and get better results for yourself and the people who look to you for advice.

And best of all, it’s yours free!

There is a good reason why we are doing this special deal with AOHNP. It helps you, and it helps us. I’ll tell you why.

What’s in it for you?

As an Occupational Health Nurse, I am sure you often find that problems you are dealing with can be traced back to poor management of the individual concerned. Maybe they have been over stretched and over stressed; maybe they have not been listened to; maybe they have been bullied; maybe safety rules have been bypassed. There are so many reasons.

So what do you do? Maybe you need to bring it to the attention of a specific manager and his boss. Maybe it is a wider cultural issue and needs to be handled by the HR department, or Learning & Development. In either case, you will need to be able to speak knowledgably about what good management would look like so the problems that you are seeing in your office don’t arise.

Alchemy for Mangers provides you with a massive knowledge base of material that will assist when you are dealing with managers. And that will save you time – lots of it.

It is packed full of information that you can use as an Occupational Health Nurse when interacting with managers on how they need to change what they are doing. You will have the information you need about general management to be knowledgeable and a credible influencer in discussions and meetings. At a more practical level, you can print pages off and give a manager checklists and tools to use to alleviate specific problems.

What’s in it for us?

We think Alchemy is so good that you will realise how much benefit it would be to the organisations you are working with, and recommend it to them.

I am sure you are as perplexed as I am how any organisation can ask so much more of their managers week by week, and yet not provide the support needed by those very same managers to be able to do what is asked. Aren’t you?

Managers should always have a credible and comprehensive resource available so they can get the information they need – right when they need it. Which is RIGHT NOW!

When they have a problem, right there and then they don’t actually need learning modules – they need immediate answers. And that is what Alchemy for Managers provides.

So in collaboration with the AOHNP, we have arranged for ALL levels of AOHNP member to have complete and free access to Alchemy during their membership. There is no obligation now, or at any time in the future.

A full Alchemy subscription normally costs £200 + VAT per year, so the AOHNP annual membership fee starts to look very good value, doesn’t it.

Three guidance documents are currently available. These are password protected for members.

.        Guide to Report Writing

·        Guide to Confidentiality

·        Guide to Taking a History and Making a Functional Assessment

These are living documents and the AOHNP would welcome constructive criticism and suggestions.