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OH Today is published every quarter as an e-newsletter and covers topical issues which keep members in touch with the Association.

The publication regularly features articles on Professional Development, current occupational health topics, latest legislation and publications. Editorials, viewpoints, letters and Association matters are also included.

OH Today is produced for the members - if you have carried out a special project, whether as part of your job or for a course, consider sharing your efforts and findings with other professionals.  Write a letter to the Editor sharing your opinion about something that has made you angry or that you dislike, an idea that may have arisen following attendance at a workshop or conference - help us to help you.

Members can now download .pdf copies of OH Today by clicking the relevant link.  The files are password protected.

2014 scheduled copy dates are:

Spring issue (Jan/Feb/Mar) - 7 March 2014

Summer issue (Apr/May/June) - 6 June 2014

Autumn issue (Jul/Aug/Sept) - 5 September 2014

Winter issue (Oct/Nov/Dec) - 5 December 2014

Back issues of the publication are available by contacting the Association Administrator. 

Details about the various issues are included under the OH Today page.

Contemporary Occupational Health Nursing - A Guide for Practitioners
Edited by Greta Thornbory

The AOHNP OH Nursing Text Book

The AOHNP have written a new text book for OH nurses. Edited by Greta Thornbory it has mostly been written by the AOHNP board members who are all experienced and practicing occupational health nurses. Publishers, Routledge, said they were enthusiastic about the project, particularly as there has not been a new occupational health nursing book for five years.  

The  title of the new book is ‘Contemporary Occupational Health Nursing: A Guide for Practitioners’ and the  date for publication is November 2013. The book was launched at the AOHNP AGM on Thursday, 21 November.

There is a gap in the market for a text book and practical guide for occupational health nursing. Other up-to-date text books cover particular areas of practice or other branches of public health nursing or community nursing. The aim of this new text book is to provide a sound basis for new entrants to the field; to act as a resources guide for those who are inexperienced in OH practice and to provide a practical handbook, rather than a theoretical tome.  

The book will consist of 10 chapters including ones on public health, leadership, health promotion, health surveillance, health assessment, case management and rehabilitation, managing mental health, managing OH services, epidemiology, research and quality assurance and auditing. Woven through each chapter will be the ethical issues of nursing practice together with further reading and links to resources.  

Employment Law Plus Newsletter

Jill Kelly from Employment Law Plus has kindly said we could put her Employment Law newsletter on our website. The Board think it would be useful for the members. These newsletters are prepared as often as possible and will be added the site when received.  Members can download the newsletter by clicking the link.

January 2014

This issue includes:
.       What is the holiday entitlement of workers with irregular hours?
·       Redundancy selection criteria
·       Sex discrimination and voluntary severance
·       Age discrimination and requirement for a degree
·       Which representatives should be used for collective consultation?

Public Health Nursing: A Textbook for Health Visitors, School Nurses and Occupational Health Nurses  
Greta Thornbory (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-8007-8   Published July 2009

Public Health Nursing
is an essential resource for all health visiting students, school nursing students, and occupational health nursing students, that reflects the current key changes in community public health nursing.  It is a key textbook for specialist practitioner programmes, and those new to the public health arena.

Written by relevant experts in the field, this practical textbook uniquely explores the three main specialties of Public Health Nursing: Health Visiting, School Nursing and Occupational Health Nursing.  A particular strength of the book is the way it shows the diversity of each discipline and how they each address Public Health in vastly different ways according to the needs of their relevant population.

This will be essential reading for all students on the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) programmes offered across the UK.
Key features:
Focuses on the specialist community public health nursing part of the NMC register
Multidisciplinary, with contributors from all three specialisms
Concerned with improving the health of the population, rather than treating the diseases of  individual patients
Focuses on practice and competencies

The 1998 “Information for Independent Occupational Health Practice” booklet for Independent Practitioners has been revised and the 2008 issue is entitled “Running an Occupational Health Business”.   A Working Party of AOHNP members with a personal interest in and experience of running an independent occupational health business recently reviewed and revised the contents.  Aimed at people who are not directly employed by an organisation  i.e. freelance practitioners, self employed, consultants and those running a business – partnership or limited company, this practical and easy to read guide is invaluable for anyone thinking of taking the plunge or who want to review their progress in the world of business.  It is of equal interest for those professionals acting in an independent or autonomous manner and running their own department. 

What it’s about?
The focus of the booklet is very much on the business of providing an occupational health service which is both professional and ethical.  In its five chapters the booklet addresses the main concerns for those practising independently:

·        Finding a market
·        Designing and marketing a product that the customer will buy
·        Marketing the services offered i.e. the product 
·        Managing customers
·        Dealing with the employment and other management and business functions which employers normally handles
Real life experiences of what it is like to start up a new business, go through change and growth, have a niche market and have an exit plan are included to give you a flavour of the exciting challenges you could face. 
There is a self-evaluation form for you to complete and a space for you to add your own comments and thoughts as you read through the booklet. At the end you will be able to decide what options are bested suited for you and how to begin.
This booklet is available free to members. Click this link to get your copy.
It is also available to non-members following payment of £25.00 - contact the Association Administrator for details.