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What we offer:

*  Regional contact point
*  Networking Opportunities - access to a professional Board of
    Directors with over 160 years experience in all sectors
*  Special advisory network including legal, HR, marketing and research
*  Website containing information, guidance and links to useful resources
*  Facebook and LinkedIn groups
*  Easy access to Unite and Brett & Randall for union representation and 
    professional indemnity insurance
*  OH Today - members newsletter 4 times per year available on website
*  Monthly E-bulletin
*  Scholarships of up to £100 toward attending study days, on-line professional development, books and other educational activities will be considered
*  Various events each year, including our Ruth Alston Memorial Lecture and Good Practice Forum, with speakers and refreshments

Membership of the AOHNP is renewable annually with reminders being issued two months prior to the membership expiry date.  The first reminder will be issued by post.  In an attempt to streamline circulation of membership papers, keep costs down and be environmentally friendly, the 2nd and 3rd reminders will be sent by email.  Would members please ensure that your email details are updated as necessary with the Administrator.

Payment of membership fees can be by cheque, credit/debit card or by standing order of £17.50 per quarter where full membership is requested.

The Board of AOHNP (UK) were pleased to announce the following loyalty benefit - All members will receive a triennial discount on their membership of 10% from 1 October 2009, either as a reduction in the renewal fee or a cheque refund for those who pay by standing order.

A Director's introductory discount and Event discount will also be introduced to encourage membership.

Full Membership
Only nurses holding a current NMC pin are entitled to full membership which costs £66 per year.  A 10% discount can be taken by full members who wish to pay for 3 years membership in advance i.e. £178.20 and who are not paying by standing order.

Student / Maternity Membership
A discount off the full membership rate will be offered to those nurses holding a current NMC pin who are studying or who are on maternity leave (£20 per year).  Evidence of continuation of study will be required at each annual renewal.

Associate Membership
The AOHNP (UK) is looking to increase the number of associate members. We would like to enable more individuals who work within Occupational Health but possibly within a non-nursing capacity to benefit from membership of the Association. We recognise that the requirement for all concerned with employee Occupational Health and Safety need to work more actively together. 

You will need to be an individual who is interested in and supportive of Occupational Health and be keen to be part of a Nationwide network of others working within this field of health at work.

So if you are, for example:

Ø      a Counsellor
Ø      an Ergonomist
Ø      a Health & Safety adviser/officer
Ø      an OH Medical Technician
Ø      an Occupational Physician
Ø      an Occupational Therapist
Ø      a Physiotherapist
Ø      a Psychologist

why not join as an Associate member.  You will not be allowed to vote, but all other membership benefits are available. The annual fee is £55.

Special membership offers are sometimes applicable, for example as a promotion for an event. Contact the Administrator for further details.

For a membership information pack please contact:

Association Administrator
P O Box 3656

Tel. 0845 2255937 / 07941 324409
Email: admin@aohnp.co.uk

If you feel you have enough information from this website, please print out the necessary forms below and send them with your payment to the address above.

If you wish to pay by standing order please contact the Association Administrator on 0845 2255 937 or email admin@aohnp.co.uk and she will advise the relevant bank details.

Membership Application Form

Student Application Form

Student Members - please note that the full membership application form needs to be completed too. Thank you.

Upon confirmation of your membership application, your membership pack will be issued.  This will include your networking directory, membership card, details of the password to Members Only documents on this site and Medical Defence Union insurance schemes etc.

Membership and Insurance


AOHNP membership £66 pa (£20 pa for students and £55 pa for associates)
Benefits - Regional and national support and advice, specialist advisory network, dissemination of information via the website, newsletter and online networks, professional develop events and other resources and representation on various bodies.

Insurance premiums are based on risk and previous claim history and different insurance provider apply them in different ways. They may set premiums for whole sectors of people i.e. health or for groups within the sector i.e. occupational health. Some may only provide some services for employed practitioners and some may also cover employing practitioners, with an increase in premium due to additional potential liability.

For more information about Insurance I suggest you check out the COHPA website. http://www.cohpa.co.uk/join-us/insurance.

The RCN scheme does not cover you if you are employed under a contract of employment. This is because in those circumstances the employer is vicariously liable for the actions of the OH nurse; claims are inevitably directed against the employer in those circumstances (i.e. the employee has been negligent in the coure of her employment); hence the employer will ordinarily have an appropriate indemnity arrangement in place for the negligence of employees; and this cover will generally satisfy the requirements of the NMC, for example.  The RCN scheme continues to provide cover for self-employed nurses, provided that they satisfy the remaining rules of the scheme. Full details of the RCN scheme rles may be found on the RCN website - http://ww.rcn.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/553492/RCN_indemnity_final_JULY_2014_recd_20_6_14.pdf

It is important that you are certain of your employment status and  that you do have appropriate cover. We are fortunate to have a close working relationship with Unite  who offer professional indemnity insurance  http://www.unitetheunion.org/contactus/.

Some members get business insurance (Medipro) and professional indemnity insurance through Brett and Randall. Joanne Salt of Brett and Randall is happy to talk to members and advise on individual circumstances (jsalt@brettandrandll.co.uk). http://brettandrandall.co.uk/corporate/medipro/

The MDU offer professional indemnity cover (I personally use the MDU, with a separate business insurance policy) and clinical advice for their members, but do not cover what they consider to be employment issues.     http://www.themdu.com/choose-mdu .

There is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ answer to insurance cover for OH professionals - it not only depends on your employment status, but what sort of work you are doing as to what cover is best for you. 

Diane Romano-Woodward, President
January 2015