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Site updated: 25 November 2014

Welcome to our website.  Links on some pages will take you to a .pdf document which are for members only and require the Association website password to open them.  If a problem occurs please contact Linda, Association Administrator. 

Our most recent updates include:

Please note that we now have a new office address:

AOHNP (UK), P O Box 6648, Blairgowrie PH10 9AP

Our telephone number and email address remain unchanged.

Mail sent to our previous address will be diverted to the new address until 15 December 2014 and hopefully this will not cause any problems.

AGM / Good Practice Forum Update
The AGM took place on 20th November 2014 and saw the ratification of new President, Diane Romano-Woodward, and the Board – Christina Butterworth, Susanna Everton, Kate Kyne, Lyndsey Marchant, Sarah Mogford, Anne Newham, Andy Phillips and Marisa Stevenson.

Outgoing President, Christina Butterworth, highlighted the achievements the Association has made, including the representation as a stakeholder in major strategic organisations, the publication of the textbook - Contemporary OH Nursing  - and being involved in the Revalidation pilot with the NMC and her involvement with the planned future of OH education.

Diane gave a summary of her vision for the Association, which includes using Directors for specific tasks and centralising the improved and modernised membership communication. The website is under tender for a complete overhaul and a far more inclusive involvement of members, using social media and events is planned. By engaging modern technology, it is hoped that more professional development access can be facilitated via the Association. Already Diane is engaged with insurance providers to ensure members have the best information when choosing their individual cover. Events already in hand include the AOHNP mini cruise in October 2015.

The survey for the future of OH Nursing is undergoing statistical analysis, but broad 'headlines' will be published both in the December issue of Occupational Health in its featured article on the AOHNP and in discrete articles on the implication of the survey by Andy Phillips in the new year. The progression to Charity status is well under way and should facilitate, for example, a database of OH Nurses that can be used in a similar way to the FOM, who have their qualified physicians register commercially available.

The Best Practice Forum was titled: 'Mind Games - identifying the game plan not just being part of it.' The day was well attended, with seats being at a premium. The slides and summary from the sessions will be available, as usual on the members section of the website in due course. (Presentations are now available under Events - AOHNP Events by clicking on the relevant links). The day proved that there is an appetite for the Association and its members to move, progress and ensure it is best placed to engage with its members and represent their voice at decision making and policy level.

Places are limited (due to available room size) at the next AOHNP national event - the Ruth Alston Dinner & Lecture held during the Health & Wellbeing Conference in Birmingham on 3 March 2015 - so book early to avoid disappointment.

For more information on any events, please either visit the AOHNP website, members only Facebook page or contact Linda, our administrator, by phone or email.
Sarah Jane Mogford, on behalf of AOHNP (UK)

AOHNP (UK) first mini-cruise
10th -12th October 2015

sailing from  Southampton to Belgium
Click the link for further information.

AOHNP NMC Revalidation

The AOHNP are working with the NMC on the revalidation process, to ensure that it meets the needs of nurses working in occupational health. The AOHNP are looking for volunteers to get involved in the NMC revalidation pilot. If you are a member and are interested then please complete the short survey attached (password protected) and return it to Christina Butterworth (christinabutterworth88@gmail.com) by Friday 21st November.
The Press Release from NMC (issued 13 November 2014) follows:
Reference number: 46-2014                                                                                                                 First nurses and midwives to pilot the system of revalidation this spring
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has announced more organisations it will be partnering with to test the system and processes underpinning revalidation.   Revalidation is a key tool in public protection, which will help the NMC as the regulator of nurses and midwives to check that the people on its register are up to date and fit to practise throughout their careers.   Participants are being sought from the nurses and midwives employed by these organisations to pilot the revalidation model. The pilot will help identify any ways in which the NMC should refine the model, guidance and forms before its introduction at the end of 2015.

The organisations and self-employed professionals participating in the pilots are:   ·           Birmingham City University
·           Bupa
·           Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
·           GP practices
·           Hallam Medical
·           Independent occupational health practitioners through the Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners (AOHNP)
·           Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
·           School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Dundee
·           Self employed nurses through the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN)
·           Self employed nurses through the Private Independent Aesthetic Practices Association (PIAPA)
·           South West Region Defence Primary Healthcare
·           Unite the union

Jackie Smith, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar, said:   “Revalidation is an important system of regular checks which will make sure that nurses and midwives are up to date and fit to practise throughout their careers.   “The organisations and individuals we will work with in the coming months will help us to make sure that revalidation works for all nurses and midwives, no matter what their practice setting, level of seniority or employment situation.”   Revalidation will require nurses and midwives to confirm to the NMC that they are up to date and fit to practise every three years. Nurses and midwives will receive confirmation from a third party that they continue to practise in accordance with the NMC’s Code and that they have reflected on feedback from service users, which may include patients, colleagues or others.   Nurses and midwives who are taking part in the pilots will go through the online testing between April – June 2015.   Six organisations the NMC is partnering with to pilot revalidation were announced in October 2014.


Christina Butterworth, President AOHNP (UK) commented
"Representing 350 occupational health nurse practitioners in businesses across the UK, we welcome IOSH’s fresh focus on workplace carcinogenic exposures. It’s vital that all the different professional disciplines involved in occupational safety and health management work together to improve standards and outcomes in health risk management and health surveillance."

Further information on the launch of this campaign, and relevant facts, can be found by clicking the links below.

Campaign Launch - 3 November 2014

Work Cancer - The Facts

Changes Following Board Meeting on 25th October 2014  

The AOHNP Board held their regular face to face meeting in London, and as part of the business in hand considered the early results from the OH Nurse and Technicians survey, in addition to the recent vote on the Single Organisation.  

The AOHNP has always strived to give OH Nurses their voice and influence policy and decision makers at the highest level. However, recent events and the initial survey findings indicate that the Association need to consider extending their role in a number of areas. To facilitate this, some restructuring of the Board and how it operates needs to be undertaken.  

The meeting was used to revisit the AOHNP from grass roots to the present day, including the present constitution, what the Association offers members and how the Board works and communicates with members. A number of action items have been generated and work has started on key projects, which are listed below.  The usual activities of the AOHNP will continue in terms of providing occupational health advice to our members and representing OH nurses on the Council for Work & Health, the National School of Occupational Health, POOSH and NICE but we are facing a perfect storm of activity and recognition and we need to act now to protect and enhance the role of the OH nurse and workplace health.  

As part of our review process the following projects have been kick started and will be further discussed at our AGM and Good Practice Forum on 20th November:   

*   Charity status - progressing the AOHNP application, which was put on hold 18 months ago whilst we considered the future direction of OH nursing. This project will also include the potential for setting up the AOHNP trading company with profits being passed to the charity.
*   Website – progressing the development of a new professional website with additional capabilities for membership payment and information for practitioners and employers.
*   Directory of OH Nurses – setting up a database that provides information on OH nurses experience and qualifications for job matching and sharing of good practice (subject to the usual data protection requirements).
*   Consultation with professional Regulator – starting discussions with the NMC regarding the future of the third part of the Register and potential migration by portfolio.
*   Indemnity insurance - progressing discussions with variety of indemnity insurance providers both to provide better signposting for members and (if possible) negotiate discount for members.
*   Communication - improving communication to members by centralising the process and developing a more structured e-newsletter
*   Revalidation – engaging with the NMC on the pilot for revalidation in order to support members in getting the most out of the process, so that we can gain the necessary assurance for the profession and quality of care for our patients/clients.  *   OH Nurse and Technician survey  - Andy Phillips will be analysing the results and publishing them in the OH Journal in January 2015.
*   Training and continual professional development – updating the list of courses available to OH nurses and technicians. Also enhancing our offerings by providing links to online training.
*   Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing – continuing to work with key stakeholders on the development of a single organisation that provides the ‘voice’ of OH nursing while providing services that sustain the profession and professionals working in occupational health nursing. 

As ever, the AOHNP represents its members, so comments and ideas are welcomed. As are members who feel they either wish to join the Board, or assist and have expertise to add without being a Board member. If this is you, or you just want to chat about the prospect, please either contact your regional director or our Administrator, Linda.  

2014 Annual General Meeting / Good Practice Forum

Membership and Insurance

National School of Occupational Health Conference 2014 report

Changes to the law concerning Criminal Record Checks

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